AfricanBioServices consists of internationally leading researchers from Norway, the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark and Germany in partnership with strong local partners in Tanzania and Kenya. The consortium brings together a uniquely equipped group of researchers with complementary skills in human welfare, socio-economics, ecology, biodiversity, climate change, and ecosystem services with key research institutes, management authorities and policy makers from developing countries. The consortium includes strong internationalization, and committed transcontinental (Europe-Africa) and transboundary (Tanzania-Kenya) cooperation and coordination. Furthermore, it provisions extensive and novel training opportunities both in Europe and in Africa, as well as a strong knowledge dissemination program aimed both at regional stakeholders and other areas with similar problems worldwide. The program will foster a new generation of researchers and policy makers with a novel understanding of the complex linkages between human well-being and the state of biodiversity and ecosystems.






Prof Eivin Røskaft (Coordinator) Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Norway
Prof Bente Jessen Graae Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Norway
Prof Han Olff University of Groningen RUG Netherlands
Dr Martin Nielssen University of Copenhagen UCPH Denmark
Dr Robert Fyumagwa Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute TAWIRI Tanzania
Prof Julius Nyahongo University of Dodoma UDOM Tanzania
Dr Joseph Ogutu University of Hohenheim UHOH Germany
Dr Kjetil Bevanger Norwegian Institute of Nature Research NINA Norway
Dr Bernard Bett International Livestock Research Institute ILRI Kenya
Prof Othman Chande University of Dar es Salaam UDSM Tanzania
Prof Jafari R. Kideghesho Sokoine University of Agriculture SUA Tanzania
Dr Gordon Ojwang Directorate of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing DRSRS Kenya
Prof Daniel Haydon University of Glasgow UG Scotland
Dr Grant Hopcraft University of Glasgow UG Scotland
Dr Erustus Kanga Kenya Wildlife Service KWS Kenya

In addition to the formal partners, AfricanBioServices also engage many local partners. Photos by Per Harald Olsen/AfricanBioServices