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Hooded vulture. Photo.

Vultures respond to auditory cues

Vultures and other avian scavengers characteristically circle the skies, scanning the ground for carcasses. New research has revealed that these birds can, in addition to sight, respond to auditory cues indicative of potential foraging opportunities. To date, Africa’s vultures have been thought to rely exclusively on eyesight whilst foraging. This may be either through the

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Tolerant scientists produce better science

A brand new open access e-book helps future conservation scientists prepare themselves for interdisciplinary research with collaborators from diverse backgrounds. How can young conservation scientists learn to be tolerant and work with diverse partners to produce better science in order to save nature? Dr. Mary Mildred Stith, one of the authors of the new open

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Doctoral thesis on human-wildlife conflicts in the Ruaha-Rungwa Ecosystem in Tanzania

Human wildlife interactions pose challenges for humans living around wildlife protection areas. At the same time, they affect wildlife negatively, undermining conservation efforts. Kwaslema Malle Hariohay has studied human-wildlife interactions in the Ruaha-Rungwa Ecosystem in Tanzania as part of his doctoral work at NTNU. At June 6 he will defend his thesis.   Distance from

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