Drought threatens wildebeest migration

Several willdebeests

Photo: Per Harald Olsen/AfricanBioServices

Adam Popescu from the New Scientist writes about the challenges for the wildebeest in “East Africa’s drought threatens iconic wildebeest migration”.

” The wildebeest look tired. Skittish at the slightest sound, their hooves perpetually pound the dusty plain until they kick up a cloud that obscures the hundreds of animals forming the herd.

Under the dust, the short grass is yellow and grey, if it’s there at all. How do these animals find sustenance amid this sparseness, I wonder? Where is the water?

“Drought,” answers Ngiimba, my Maasai guide. “More than a year now. Killed over 50 per cent of livestock.” ”

Coordinator of AfricanBioServices, Eivin Røskaft is interviewed in the article:

“We have to bridge the gap between scientists and politicians,” says Eivin Røskaft, a conservation biologist who heads the European Union-funded AfricanBioServices project. “One of the biggest arguments is potential tourism. As long as tourists come to give money, we can use that argument for politicians. Otherwise, it’s really hard to find good arguments why they should save nature.”

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East Africa’s drought threatens iconic wildebeest migration

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